Friday, July 10, 2009

dh is home tonight!!  he's currently at ball practice with canaan.
tomorrow night is the ball game where the kung fu academy is going to do the pregame show and C throws in the first pitch! exciting!!
Katlyn is staying with a friend tonight.
yesterday C and K had their first visit with an orthodontist.
the big news is that before school starts, Canaan will be in braces!!!  he'll be the first one started cause he's the easiest. he goes in on the 27th for his spacers to be put in and on the 2nd or 3rd he'll have the braces and upper expander put in.
on teh 27th, K goes in at the same time for her surgical consult.
her's will be more complicated of course. once we figure out her plan of action, she'll have her braces. about a year after they're put on, she'll have surgery to have her lower jaw set back and then continue with the braces for another 6 months or so. (I think that's right, trying to remember what I was told).
she still has 6 baby teeth in her head!!!  two are ready to fall out if she'd just pluck them out! the ortho told her that if she sneezed hard enough they'd fall out LOL!
I've warned her they need to get out THIS weekend. the 4 she has on top are causing her adult teeth to come in crooked. so she's causing herself unneeded problems. *sigh*
the costs of doing this is going to be substantial.  which I never figured it'd be cheap of course, but still...  its worth it, they really need it! I'll have to get pics of before and then later to show what a difference it makes for them. I'm just thankful we've worked on our debt enough to even DO this. not that we wont have to watch our pennies like crazy, but it'll at least be doable, KWIM?? a year ago it'd have been a pipe dream!

now, dog news! we got to go visit Lillie today (and yesterday found out her real name is Chloe, and she's not a shih tzu, she's a peekapoo!) she is just THE most adorably sweet dog!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! she never once barked while we were there, and this is with the whole yard/kennel of dogs making tons of noise. she rolled over so we could rub her belly, she happily tolerated the kids (had all but C with me), walked with K on a leash in the yard/sidewalk, likes to be carried LOL, and didnt give a fig if the cats were by her!! she's perfect!!!
today was the final day the owners had to reclaim her so they should call in the morning to let me know she's ready to adopt! (there were 4 other apps on her and one of the other applicants called while we were visiting with her! the worker told them "I dont see the approved adoptive family wanting to give her up, but if they do we'll let you know" LOL)
she'll have to stay til monday when she gets spayed and then we can pick her up that evening or tuesday morning. we went and bought a doggie brush for her today and a new leash. got to find a collar at walmart (didnt have one at mighty dollar we liked). I also stopped at a local pet groomer and got an appt for wednesday for her to get a bath, clip, etc (the works as she says). she has some matting in her hair on the lower back and she's a bit dirty (as you can tell from her pic), but she'll be spruced up and ready to go after that! though I'm only likely to use this groomer this one time: I walked in (its a private residence) and talk about being blown over from cig smoke!!! OMG! my parents smoke but I dont walk in and feel like I'm standing in LA smog! yuck!!!!! the kids could smell it all over me when I got back in the truck. :(
I'm really excited to get her! (I'll be crushed if they call tomorrow and tell me she got reclaimed! LOL)
OH, and the info I got today was that the owners didnt want her spayed and didnt have the $ to get her out of the pound otherwise. I have a feeling they had gotten her to breed peekapoo pups. I'm not worried about having puppies, so I'm just fine with getting her spayed!

ok, is that a good update? LOL! I'm sure I could think of more, but I'm losing my train of thought LOL!

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