Monday, May 12, 2008

 it was a really good weekend, sorry I didnt get in here (dont think I did). cant remember all I did though.
friday was regular in-town day. it was just the kids and I so it was a bit rough, but we made it through (with only a few extra gray hairs LOL) and I rented some movies for us (Enchanted (very cute!), shrek 3 and some kids movies). dinner at home that night.
saturday we went to my moms for a while, they got a new big screen TV and wanted us to see then ended up having dinner over there last night.
yesterday was church, then after we came home to grill out for moms day. I'd much rather have that than go wait in a restaurant. it was goooooooood too! my mom and Sdad came over to eat with us and we watched the new Rocky movie (sappy, but good).
Sarina has slept great the past 3 nights still. first night, up once, 2nd night, up twice, last night, up once. the only thing is that she now has a snotty nose. I really hate when my little ones get snotty noses cause there's so little to do for them. and trust me, she HATES the nose sucker LOL! she's not screamed that loud since the day she was born!! holy moley!

everyone was still making over her at church yesterday. how tiny she is and her CUTE 'its a girl' bow she wore and her red hair. what's amazing is looking at her compared to Chloe who was born early march (she just had her 2m appt this last week). she's about 12.5 lbs and 22" while Sarina is (at last check by me) 21.5" but *maybe* 9lbs (?). Chloe looks SO big! LOL!!
I've gotta go in town today to get some cat food, so am going to stop by the HD to get a weight check and see how heavy she is. not that she's that heavy. LOL I cant believe she'll be a month old this week! wow!! and *sniff* at the same time.

she's still in NB diapers, NB clothes (though some 0-3 will fit without falling off her).

I had to clip my nails off again yesterday and take off any rings with raised surfaces cause I kept catching her with them. had to clip her nails again too cause she kept scratching herself.

ok, gotta get dressed so we can go in town!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! How about some new pics of the little peanut?