Tuesday, May 27, 2008

 the weekend was good overall. I think my tolerance limit is at an all time low tho w/ the kids so I get pretty grouchy. its not all them of course, all things mixed together ya know (money, sleep, sickies, kid-fights, etc) it just all builds up and we really have nothing/nowhere to go to let off steam. :P

had my 6wk pp check today. I'm 170 by dr scales and thats 4 lbs under my first pg weight check with them. that made me feel great! told doc I "was done" so we talked about BC options. not sure what route I'll take (tho I'd rather dh take care of it), we'll see.

stopped at the health dept for a weight check and she's officially 8.14 lbs, so she gained more than I thought this week (6oz). I'll skip next week since she'll go for her 2m check mid-june at the dr. I'm going to ask the doc about her skin too. she stays broke out so bad. I keep her face clean, I keep her out of the sun, but the least bit of heat and the red blotches flare up so bad! C had baby acne really bad for awhile, but I dont think this is the same ??

got pics to post too from the weekend next

w/ papaw

my mom sneaking her choc ice cream! (her eyes kept getting big LOL)


during the cookout

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