Thursday, May 22, 2008

feeling very blessed!

we got awesome news today! remember I mentioned earlier back that C wanted to go to youth camp with the church but there was no way we could do it for him? well, my dad sent him the money! *wiping eyes with a thankful heart* it was actually twice as much as he needed, so we'll put $50 in a savings account and then he can have the $50 to spend on things he's wanting (per papa's orders LOL) AND get to go to church camp! how great is that?! I feel so blessed and very happy for him. Canaan's in awe about it cause we really didn't think he'd get to go.
my dad is the bestest!

dh and C had ball practice tonight and are staying for a game afterwards, so me and the others are just hanging out at home still. boring boring, but what are ya gonna do?

dh works close to home tomorrow though, so we'll go and have lunch with him! that's always great cause that happens very seldom.

had grilled cheese for dinner tonight, burnt a couple though. bleh! (so I had a pudding cup to make up for the one I didn't get hehe!)

some of you will be getting a birth announcement (finally) in the mail. I'm going to mail out what I can tomorrow. close family will be mailed out later though cause I pick up S's pics tomorrow and will put extra pics in theirs. I cant wait to get them, they're so good!

I'm (slowly) working on getting S used to her pack-n-play to sleep in. she cosleeps right now, which is fine, but dh sleeps in the living room cause it makes him nervous, thinking he's going to roll over on her or flop a 20lb arm on top of her LOL, so it'd be nice to get him back where he's supposed to be! don't know how well or how soon, but a start is a start, right?

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Erica said...

hurray for awesome dad's!