Saturday, May 03, 2008

 a slow morning. pretty much up at 5:30 with little miss. I'm going to have to change stuff up with her cause the past two nights haven't been good ones. I think she's snacking too much, especially come evenings and then isn't able to fill up well for bed. plus I need to up my water better. I've seriously slacked since delivering.

I think she's having a growth spurt as well. not much, but some. LOL her little belly is getting bigger it seems LOL plus she's stretching out some more or at least is keeping her legs stretched out more. still cant put her to sleep in a sleeper cause her legs both end up lost in the belly area

I think I forgot to mention she got a beautiful handmade quilt as a gift from one of the families dh works with. it has ABC print on one side and jungle animals on the other. I'm letting it be her tummy time blanket cause its so colorful.

hopefully going to go to church tomorrow. hopefully. it'd be nice to get a good sleep again before going. my mom wont be there since she'll be in Nashville, so I'll need all my wits to wrangle Garrett and sarina.

I'm sure there's more, but oh well. I'm just taking a short break cause there's popcorn in the kitchen that needs to be picked up.

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