Friday, May 16, 2008

 in milestone news for Sarina, she's started batting at objects now. so cute!
and can I say how much I LOVE how a newborn will paw at your chest when they're hungry, its so dang cute!!!! she's also on the verge of laughing out loud. she's done a few little laughs a couple of times (those breathy types when they're just learning) so a real laugh is coming soon!

Garrett went to bed without the paci again last night! he'll no longer get one! *whew!* katlyn was going to give him one last night cause it was taking him a while to settle down, but I stopped her! it'd been over 24hrs since he'd had one, no way were we going backwards! and he's only taken Sarina's paci once in this time LOL!
 the church has a youth camp at the end of June. Canaan 'says' he doesnt want to go, but then says "it costs too much", so I think he does want to go, but feels bad asking for the $. *sigh* we coudlnt get him the $ for a yearbook either which upsets me cause it's his first year in public school. if freaking gas wasnt so high things would be easier! robert's gas $ was almost $200 last week and he has the 'economical' car. good thing I dont go places all the time. heck, we dont go anywhere that's not necessary. what a boring thing.

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