Sunday, January 27, 2008

well its good news! the jiggling behind the steering wheel is only because the previous owner(s) had the frame lowered too low and it rubs against a rubber 'bumper' in the undercarriage. nothing is being damaged, but we'll set up an appt and get the frame raised up about an inch and then it'll be fine.
we're goign to wait on the window til its warm outside since it stays up right now. you can hear the motor, but its just clicking. we'll find out later what's up with that.
my rear brakes will need to be replaced probably within 6 months or so, not any 'right now thing', and that's about it.  said it was a really good truck and had been overall taken good care of, so big sigh of relief about all that!

after dh got home, we headed out to the health food store. he picked up some joint complex to try out, then we went to walmart. (this was in a close neighboring town, newer than our walmart and they have a ton more stuff!) they had a bunch of stuff on clearance, plus thier food was cheaper! got my 12 pack of DP for 3.33 (here its 4.13) and got dh a 2 liter DP for .88 (over 1.00 here). finally found G some new tennishoes with his Cmas gift card. spider man shoes that light up. he's truly fascinated! he's was wearing them and his diaper for a long time tonight.
the boys bought some new transformers with their giftcards and dh got C a new guitar book to study on. (sissy was kinda pouting that she didnt get anything, but sh'es used up all her g/c and the only things she was looking at were $20-30!)
so after that we went to arby's for lunch since everyone was hungry. omgosh! we really should have gone somewhere else! we spent $33 to eat there! I said "what?!" when he told me the total. that was our dining out for the weekend. *sigh*

home after that! I finished reading a book, dh watched some tv and the kids played around in various things.

I feel huge today. getting up is a chore even now. kinda comical acutally. I'm actually dreading what the scales say on monday.

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