Friday, January 04, 2008

Garrett antics

we had a FUNNY thing happen last night! we were at captain ds for dinner (yeah, shouldnt have done that one, but it was the first time we were out since sunday) and while we were eating, this BIG guy came walking beside us and decided to sit down in the booth by us. now he was big as in really tall, but also heavy, not super heavy, but he filled up the area by us as he stood there (dh and I were sitting at the end sides of the table and Garrett was in the high chair on the end where the guy was standing). well, all of a sudden, G turns around, sees this guys butt right beside him and SMACKS HIM ON THE BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!! I ended up spitting out a piece of corn across the table at hunter, I think Katlyn could have snorted her drink out of her nose she was laughing so hard, C almost fell out of his chair laughing and dh turned 10 shades of red trying not to bust out harder than he was! OMGOODNESS!!!!!!
and I dont even know if the guy NOTICED cause he never looked at G til he sat down finally! CRAZY!!! we apologized of course, but man, the laughter kept on for a good 5 minutes! LMBO!!!!
then G has learned a new trick. he already knew how to take his pants off, but now he can take his shirts off over his head! so last night he stripped down totally naked for us while the kids were playing before bed.  well, he DID still have on socks...  'so yeah they call him the streak!' ROFLMBO!!!
good thing for zip up pjs cause he's not figured THAT out yet! *whew!*

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