Tuesday, January 08, 2008

we got the new directv installed today! the kids are of course GLUED to the tv with the channels they've been waiting to get (cartoon network and disney) so I'm letting them enjoy it for now.  amazing that I've barely heard a peep out of them.
as for me, I've got it on TLC and watching Baby Story for the first time since I guess G was due! a sure thing to make me get in the baby mood.

I did go through the tub of clothes in K's closet (yes, again) to see if I had anything that'd do ok as a coming home outfit. didnt find anything. actually only had a few things in there that were NB size, mostly dresses, but short sleeved. did get the few socks out that I'm going to pick from to take with us to the hospital, but that's all. cant wait to get more stuff so I can see if there'll be something in there that will work.

I'm feeling kinda bleh today. my pelvis hurts still from yesterdays sitting at the sewing machine. I walk slow and with a slight limp even. dont call me in a hurry cause it takes me a while to get there!

I have gotten a few things done, a load of laundry, vacuumed while the tv guy was here, picked up, went through clothes, lunch. just the basics. guess I cant say I've nto done anything though, huh?

tonight is the homeschool meeting. it'll be a soup dinner, which is fine with me. I've gotta take 3 gallons of drink, so we'll be stopping by to pick those up before we go. dont feel like making stuff to take since I only have one 1 gallon jug that is spillproof. :P

had fun with baby today. thought I'd get out the bebe sounds thingy. course couldnt pick up a h/b, but it did aggrevate her that I was mushing around in her space, so I got a lot of thumping on the mic.  also watched my belly bouncing for a while. so cute! 

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