Tuesday, January 15, 2008

uh oh... trouble time.

so tonight C got in a bit of trouble again. over something dumb too. all it was, I asked him to go to the garage to the extra fridge and bring in a gallon of milk cause what we had was almost gone (I actually finished it off a bit ago in a bowl of cereal). that way we'd have milk for the morning and if he wanted it, it'd be there. but nooooooooooo. he had a fit at the thought of going out to the garage cause it's "too cold" (yet it'd be twice as cold in the morning) and that he'd do it in the morning while he's getting ready. (he was still dressed when I asked him this). then he says he has to go take a shower (he always does this when I ask him to do anything around 9pm-and he should already have had his shower by this point!). so he runs off and gets in the shower...just before dh was going to since he didnt bother to ask dh if he was getting in. so dh comes back in the living room to ask how long C has been in the shower (by this point its been about 10 minutes) and he waits another 5 for him to get out (he got out that quickly cause I had K go bang on the door to tell him daddy was waiting on him to get out!). while we're waiting, I tell dh that he jumped in the shower so fast to get out of going to get a jug of milk for me. (by this point I'd already gone out to get it myself!).
so when he finally drug himself out of the shower and got his pjs on, dh was in a foul mood.
the first thing was that his hair was hanging to his nose since it was wet and dh couldnt see his eyes.... wrong thing to do! he was told its being cut tomorrow! (C=*gasp!*) then he got the 'why was it so hard to go get a jug of milk tonight compared to the morning? you dont even remember to pull the trash can to the road on mondays w/o being reminded, much less to get the trash out of the house and you think we believe you'll remember to get a jug of milk when its going to be about 18* then?'
plus some other things cause C had said sulkily while heading to the shower that "I didnt believe him anymore that he'd do stuff". some things yes, but he has NO memory for doing things on a school morning.

so he went to bed sulky tonight and with a warning and an appt for a cut just cause he wouldnt go get a jug of milk. *sigh* they do learn some day, right?

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