Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I was woke up this morning at 7 by a persistant knocking.
in my womb! little miss was up and perky this morning, playing around for a few hours. she was awake til like 9 am! Canaan got to feel her again this evening as she was squirming around, felt like she was stretching her legs around. he was 'neated' out by it.

dh actually made a kind of dinner tonight! *wow!* I'd just woken up from a shortish nap when he started asking what was for dinner (ugh, not even hungry, dont ask me for food!) and obviously he seen I was in no hurry to do anything (though he'd not been in the kitchen all day... I'll try not to gripe about that part). so he finally decided to DIY and fix some food. fried taters, he thawed some shrimp too. I ate the taters. I dont usually expect people to make dinner for me, especially here at home, so it was nice to get to eat some of that. LOL!

we finished off all the pinwheels for lunch, the kids loved them things, even Garrett. C and K finished off both 2 liters of sierra mist (much to the aggrevation of gav and H), almost finished another bag of chips and half of the queso that was left. about 8 slices of summer sausage left. guess that means I'll have to actually fix a dinner tomorrow. dang. LMBO!

dh goes back to work tomorrow and C goes back to school on thursday. I got everyone in bed 'early' tonight (compared to what they have been KWIM?) so it was 10:30 before it got quiet, even from garrett. booger was banging on the walls and hollering in there!

dh finally got to finish watching bourne ultimatum tonight and we also watched balls of fury (goofy funny movie LOL). I've stayed inside all day cause it got only to like the 20's or high 20s outside. no need for me to be out there! LOL!

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