Thursday, January 26, 2006

what does it take?

can I say stupid dr.s really get on my nerves?

my brother and SIL went to the dr today for a recheck and they ended up putting her in to see the other dr. in the practice. he wasn't worried AT ALL about her! he told her "its normal for stuff like this to happen, just relax and don't overdo it."
she asked 'what about the cervical check?'
he said 'well, if you want me to I can.' so they opted not to. nothing like making you feel stupid. :
he didn't even give her the paperwork the other dr said she'd be given for restricted work duty. luckily her manager has already said whatever it took to help her out, they'd do it.
she felt really deflated and I was SO upset! I told her to NOT pay attention to that dr and take the other ones advice! she's off the next 4 days at least, but has school tomorrow and Monday. I told her if she has a backache like she was having or ANY of the aches like she was for more than 20 minutes to take it seriously and go ahead and go to the hospital.
it just totally aggravates me that some people take pg as nothing until the baby actually gets here.
I told her some dr.s just do their job and some actually care about their patients.

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Fluffy Peanut said...

Wow, that's really sad!! It's amazing how uncaring some doctors can be!! She should totally avoid that doctor from now on!!