Thursday, January 19, 2006

thank you and Congrats to my brother and SIL!

Thank you for all the congrats. and you are all right, he's got a purpose and it'll be cool seeing what the plans are for him. Just something I'll have to deal with in my heart, something I've wanted since I was in elementary school just may be a dream, nothing more.
Canaan said "its ok mom, just have another baby and maybe that one will be a girl!"

I did get cool news a bit ago, my brother and SIL are also having a little boy! I just talked to my mom and they're still in the u/s but she said my brother's grin could crack his cheeks he's smiling so hard.

after they get back, we're going to goodwill. see if we can scope out some blue stuff. I got rid of most everything last time. got tired of packing everything, so there'll be a lot of stocking up to do! which is cool, I like getting "new" stuff for the babes. (my new stuff is generally hitting the yard sales and consignment stores )

so off to get some school work finished up before we head out again today!

oh, I got in a spurt of cleaning today and vacuumed my living room fan (which I will confess was totally gross ) and even vacuumed the ceiling all around it. we have a 'popcorn' ceiling, so all that dust was clinging to it. bleh! all clean now! I got the furniture too (all that high stuff I don't normally see from my vantage point ).

I do feel accomplished this morning, though now I could really vacuum the whole floors of the house. that'd be a nice difference.

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