Monday, January 23, 2006

school and ebay

I'm so happy with my ebay stuff! looks like I'll make right at $140 and that'll make a BIG dent in getting the kids curriculum for next year (and I really could put some of that towards our house insurance that's due.. maybe. ). Got a few things that haven't sold, so will relist them in hopes they get gone. I want it outta here!

Canaan started on his new social studies books today and already likes them. and to show how fast we're able to work through these, Katlyn is already as far in her history/science now since we just got her books in Dec, as she is in her language that was started in August! big difference! I hope the rest of the school year goes like that.

I gave them a treat today, I said if they got done by 1 that we'd go out for pizza (papa john's Monday special) and they were done at 12:50! they were tickled about that! we also stopped and picked up some rent one get one movies with free kids rentals, so we're set for at least 5 days. LOL!
dh will be on his way home tomorrow! its a two day drive for them, being in semis, but he'll be home on Wednesday at least! wee!!

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