Wednesday, January 25, 2006

stay put little nephew!

scary news

My brother and SIL just called and she was in the hospital today for preterm labor. She'd had what turned out to be contractions for at least a day (pain in her lower back, tummy ache and then her thighs hurting). she thought she had a kidney infection since the back pain was centered on one side, but while at college today, she started spotting.
the dr.s sent her to the labor/delivery floor and they had everything prepped for delivery if they couldn't stop the labor. They DID get it stopped though, thank God. They didn't believe her when she said she was only 21 weeks because they told her 'she was having contractions of a 7 or 8 month pg woman' : stupid people like that, geez!
she was told by the L&D dr. that her cervix is already thinned to 25%, so not good, and that her cervix was 'starting to open'.
They did get great heartbeats of the baby on the belly monitors too and said he was very active.
they gave her a shot of something to stop the labor, she doesn't know what it was though.
she goes back in the morning for a follow up with her OB.
The dr. recommended bedrest, but she says she needs to work since they just got into this house. He said he'd give her 4 days to try out a cashier position where she works if they can have a stool for her to sit on so she's not on her feet. no sweeping/mopping/nothing for her.
she called to ask if there was an exercise or something to help stop the contrax. she knew the kegals helped strengthen the muscles there, but I told her that no, if there was, it'd be in all the pg books.
I told her to be lazy and enjoy it!

I called my mom after I got off the phone to tell her so she can get a prayer chain going too. gotta pray that little guy stays in there to cook!
oh, they gave her a new EDD that's in April. I guess that's when she hits third tri (haven't looked it up, she's 2 weeks ahead of me) and that really freaked her out. she's scared and upset of course. I told her its possible this could put her in a high risk pg group when she has any more kids. (totally thinking of Shayna the whole time, wishing they could talk!).

I just hope and pray little Landon stays inside to bake as long as possible.

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Fluffy Peanut said...

Hi Regina! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I'm glad that we're back in touch! :)

I am so sorry that your brother and SIL are going through this! I can only imagine how scarey that would be! I hope the bedrest helps the little guy stay put until he's nice and baked!!