Tuesday, January 31, 2006

belly pics postponed

sorry not been on much, been working/schooling and stuff like that. we've got stuff to finish before baby gets here and I'm trying to keep us on a good and tight schedule. it's working, we're progressing at the rate of 7 days worth of work in 4 days, so here's hoping it's finished before baby comes!

and I'm sad. I had to cancel my pic appt with Kate tomorrow cause the Pres will be in Nashville through the time of our appointments and we'd have to go through one of the areas that are going to be shut down for a few hours. dh told me tonight he'd 'appreciate it' if I could reschedule. of course he's right, hours in the van with 4 kids who want to get somewhere is never fun. I already called Kate, she probably doesn't realize how sad I am about not getting to go, I try to be upbeat all the time, but gosh.
I did get my hair done last night and have been mentally preparing what pants and poses to do. she was great though and is letting us reschedule whenever dh's schedule is open. hopefully a weekend SOON.

of course we still have Gavin's eye appt tomomorrow, its not in a shut down area and its time for his eyes to be rechecked to see if the new glasses are making a difference. I hope they are! he doesn't like them at all and would rather go without glasses.

Mel, do Durango's seat enough passengers for us? the Expedition we looked at yesterday could seat 9! *cool!* I like having room in case someone wants to ride with us or something. I want something bigger, heck the kids legs are getting longer everyday and even with a grand caravan, the back seats are crowded for katlyn and gav. I'm going to hate the gas mileage though. I'm a cheapy!
and Mel, not like we can afford them all! there's an amount I don't want to go over and I'd like to get a good trade in on my van (which really shouldn't be a problem!) and if we're blessed, get a lower payment! (how nice would THAT be?!) so we'll see!

I do need to get those pics posted of the clean rooms. I could actually get more tonight, amazingly both kids rooms are still clean! thanks to military mom's orders for getting everything picked up every night before bed!

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