Monday, November 09, 2009

I know I need to update, right?  I keep meaning too then I get caught up in something else. what's new?

last week was a good one. Garrett had all good drop off days but one, and that day I think it was just cause of the teacher that helped him out of the car (it wasnt one of HIS teachers) so i consider last week a success!
sarina had her 18 m check on wed. 29.13 lbs and 34", HC 19.25. the funny thing was the NP that did her check. this was the first time I'd met her (we usually see a certain dr) so I was surprised when she walked in... cause she looked like some model. even the clothes she was wearing. at first I was wondering if she was the NP! she was super nice though. LOL
FIL came in on saturday, dh got home on friday. kids had Boot Camp on saturday (the Vets bring the kids in to do this each year, they have a blast). it all went great til right at the end. S took a tumble down the steps where we were waiting for the boys to finish eating and didnt hit any steps, but when she got to the bottom (about 4 steps down) she head planted the wheel of her stroller. :P a nice BIG bruise is on her head from it. I think I'd rather that happened though cause if she'd not hit the stroller, she'd have face planted in gravel. which would be worse?  of course I'd rather she hadnt fallen at all, but since she did...

FIL was only in one day, had to bring in his tahoe to be worked on.
we went to church for a couple of hours yesterday before having lunch with him and seeing him off.

today I have my dentist appt, plus Tori is coming over at some point to get help with studying.

I'm very ticked at C this morning. that boy... its like he cant handle doing two things at once unless its listening to music and doing homework! he was to go to the dojo today after school for his ONE class a week for JUST this month so he could practice his forms and finish getting his blue belt. NOOOOOooooooooooo he said he was "too sore" to do this. (from baseball conditioning, which his last day of that was on friday and he wont do it again til tomorrow). I called dh cause I was ready to box C's ears for the disrespect he's showing his sifu. dh is upset with him too. 4 weeks ago it was one of the most important things to him and its taken him a year to get to this point. YET, he cant take ONE 45 minute class ONCE a week to accomplish this at the end of THIS month??? TEENAGERS!!!!!! we'd already talked to sifu about this and they were open to let him do it JUST so he could still get his belt. the little stink-wad will get a HUGE talk tonight. also to be told he gets to take no more morning showers! he gets in there and stays for over 30 minutes in the mornings! today he was just coming out (by my insistence) at 6:40 to get dressed. they have to be ready for the bus to be here by 6:45 cause she's usually here by 6:50. this has been an ongoing issue with him and we've tried and tried to get him to see the point, but he refuses. so no more morning showers for him!  I thought the girls were to be the ones hogging the bathrooms?? K is no problem at all

i have a parents lunch with Garrett this week at preschool (thursday), next week is Gavin. I think Hunter will be doing the Christmas dinner next month.

the kids are off the whole week of Thanksgiving. I'm liable to be asking if anyone wants an extra kid that week.

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Angie said...

I agree, teenagers (insert rolling eyes smilie here)!! I have a very hormonal grouchy one in my house.