Tuesday, November 10, 2009

drop off was fairly ok today. G was telling me he wasnt going to preschool today so I figured it'd be a bit rough at dropoff. nothing more than a butt on the ground and a fuss as he walked up, so overall good. they're on break the whole week of Thanksgiving, so that'll give him time to miss it

my teeth cleaning/scaling went really well yesterday. the dentist was so impressed with "what a good patient" i was no numbing or pain meds, which if i'd thought of it I'd have taken a tylenol beforehand, but oh well. he got all kinds of crap off my teeth the calcium build up was bad and he was having a GOOD time! got me laughing several times cause he was saying things like "Oh wow!" "Look at that!!" "I just love days like this cause my job is so much fun!"
the crazy thing is how much different my teeth feel in back now! behind my front bottom teeth, I'd gotten used to feeling them as a kind of solid side. could only feel the ridges where my canines were. (my front bottom teeth are crowded so I should be feeling the ridges of them) and NOW, OMGosh! I actually gave myself a jaw ache from pushing my tongue against them, rubbing on my teeth and keeping my jaw together  I keep rubbing my tongue against my bottom back teeth, getting used to once again feeling the ridges back there. its like having something foreign in my mouth! *blush*
he also polished them, so they're all sparkly  I'll go back in April for a redo.
they are a bit sensitive for now til they get used to functioning without the calcium build up on them and today at lunch I took a swig of coke without putting my tongue against the back of those teeth and YIKES, it was like slapping a nerve with a frying pan!! LOL!

off to do other stuff. I did manage to sew my new kitchen blind today, paint the base coat of 3 ornaments, put some clothes away, do laundry and wash my hair. still need to vacuum and stuff. bleh. I just wanna sit and read!

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