Thursday, November 19, 2009

dh and I have been going over ideas to build on to the house. (I'll inject that I'm obviously the one with the money sense here cause I had to convince dh NOT to move the whole kitchen/dining area to the newly planned areas! LOL) the way our house is laid out now, the puters are in the 'dining room' area. we'd like to make this the actual dining room, get the table out of teh kitchen and put in a good sized island (lots of counter space and cabinet/drawer space!). of course we have to have somewhere else to put the stuff in this area now. which there is NOwhere to move it to. nada! as you can imagine, we're a little tight in floor space here. LOL!
dh's plan was to convert the great room windows into a doorway to a new addition (this is my idea as well... I gave it to him ;) ) only he mentioned building a new kitchen area out there, moving all the existing out there, making the kitchen ... into something. I forget what!
so I kinda put my foot down. I like where my kitchen is and the dining area! so MY idea is to make the new addition out the back side of the house like planned, only make two rooms with it. one would be C's bedroom and the other a bonus area. we'd move all the bookshelves and extras currently in the great room to that area adn then we can move the puters in the great room. I'd rather not have the puters in another room with teens/kids OL. KWIM? it'd give us a lot more stretching room, get C his own room he needs, be MUCH cheaper to do and accomplish more and be something easy dh can do a lot by himself and we'd be done a lot quicker.

he agreed with MY idea.  now to just wait til it can be done. I'm SO itching to make more room here! man oh man!

got to have lunch with gavin today at school. he was so sweet! hugging and loving on me all the while. he even told me he was so proud that I was his momma cause I'm the "bestest" mom and also the prettiest. I told him it was good I put on makeup then so I'd not scare anyone!

I made pumpkin cupcakes for the kung fu dinner. gosh they were so good! TY stacy for sharing that recipe! I do have some food porn to share when I get the pics off the camera. hehe! I'm making more tomorrow for the moms bake sale saturday morning, only I'm putting the cream cheese icing IN the cupcakes before baking. I have no way to wrap them with the icing on top otherwise. ??

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Angie said...

I'd love to add on to our house. Right now I wish we could turn our den in to another bedroom. It's our office right now but it has so much space to spare.