Monday, November 02, 2009

halloween pics

tori got here after 3 and I did her hair and makeup. if anyone remembers, she's a platinum blond. hehe!

didnt do katlyns cause like I said she opted to go to bed LOL! I did get myself done up a bit though. ran out of time, so decided to just go as a normal me: Zombie Mom!

it was funny while I was doing my makeup, Garrett comes through my bathroom adn looks at me... stops and exclaims "WHAT YOU DO MOMMA?! WHAT YOU DO???"

the boys were Optimus Prime, Batman, Kung fu kid and Sarina was a halloween ballerina (I totally ran out of time to get her ready and had to nix my more detailed plan. Daddy was sporting a Punisher look, Canaan was dressed in camo (daddy's retired army gear) and went to a friends house while we took the kids in town.

we were going to do the trunk or treat on the square, but omg! the line to get in was longer than the candy givers! crazy stuff, so we went to the houses. our first year doing this if anyone remembers (last year was our first doing anything and we did the trunk or treat)
so here is S at her first door. tori was here helping with candy

garrett was funny cause he actually went IN the house LOL!
there were a couple that g was leery of going up to, but only for a few seconds. people dressed up and stuff. he was so nice tho saying his 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' (all the boys did). one time though he said "happy birthday!"
we took them to zaxbys for dinner after we picked up canaan. I have pics from there on my phone I need to get off.
so it was fun and there is NO telling how much candy garrett has snuck already. I had to put the candy in our room LOL

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