Wednesday, October 21, 2009

been a good week. I keep meaning to update but then get caught up in other stuff and wait some more. then I forget all I was going to update on. its a cycle, what can I say?

so lets see...
I got to have lunch with dh on tuesday. he was working just south of us that day. we ate at our local flying J and will NEVER do that again! OMG! we should have gone to BK! for 2 burgers/fries and drinks it was $20!!!!!!  I about squeaked and turned purple when I seen that! geeezzzzzzzz!!! it was nice eating with him though, Sarina loves her daddy and was happy to see him mid day.

drop off yesterday was AWESOME for Garrett!! I was really in shock! when we pulled up to the drop off point, he says "I'm going to preschool mom." unbuckled himself, hopped out, put on his backpack, got a kiss and walked off to the bench! me and his helper teacher looked at each other and we both went "wow!"
of course today he had to show his tail a bit, but I think it was cause his usual teacher helper wasnt the one to help him get out of the car. cause he was fine until he seen her, then started in a VERY fake cry and a high pitched scream as she started to carry him up. then he just got down and walked to the bench with his lip stuck out. little terd LOL!

he got to go to the pumpkin patch on monday. its a cute little pumpkin he brought home. I still need to get a pic of him with it! :P

today after drop off, S and I went to the city to do some shopping! couldnt do a whole lot, but FIL gave me $50 he got as a refund so I was feeling the fun!  found some cool things at hobby lobby to use for Cmas gifts. and no I'm not saying what I found cause some of those people read this LOL!

my dad is sending me money so that Gav and Hunter can go to a kung fu lock-in this weekend! they'll be so excited!!

dh ended up having to go to michigan today. he's in Battlecreek til friday/saturday.

Garrett has his first parent / teacher meeting this coming week!

Hunter got his first report card in today. he had almost all S's except in "organizational skills", which I have to wonder what 2nd grade boy has?? LOL! so pretty proud of him!

Gavin earned $8 for his grades this time and C doesn't get any grades til before Turkey day.

hm.... I do have some great pics! still gotta get them off my camera first, but I've got some good ones!!

they've finally cut all the corn down from around our house today. so glad about that! of course Garrett missed seeing the tractors in action because of going to school, but he gets plenty of dirt area to play in now

OH, and Sarina is finally cutting those two bottom canine teeth! the top ones are still MIA, but we're getting there. ;)

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