Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend update

I've had a good last few days.
thursday I went to the city with my SIL to hit some goodwill shops. she was wanting some halloween clothes and I was looking for pants for C and K (both of whom totally outgrew their clothes from last year!) K is wearing a size 9jr or a ladies sz 7 now. (I wore a 7/8 through high school!) and C is in a 34x34! last year he was a 32x30 and 32x32! geez a mighty! I got lucky for K and found her about 5 pr total, so she can at least dress herself for a 5 day week. C I found nothing. nada. zip! he did end up getting a pair of 36x34 from papaw and we found 2 pair of camo pants from dh's army days, plus he has one pair I know he can wear that he had. guess its good guys dont mind wearing the same thing over and over
I did score a couple of tops for me and one pair of jeans. plus hit a stash for S at the last goodwill. someone had dropped off a whole load of new Gymbo and Old Navy items! I found one Gymbo white halter top that was a sz 4, but it can be worn as a dress next summer.  couldnt pass it up! found some summer dresses of ON, a pair of jeans, some tops and even scored her a dress for SIL's wedding!  love that!

the whole weekend was fast. gosh! K finally got to stay with a friend on friday night. she'd brought all her F's up on her report card so I let her go. (she still had 3 D's, but at least no F's). saturday was the kick-a-thon and Lily to the groomers, plus we hit the grocery (and spent way too much).

I fixed a big pot of chili to simmer that night so we could stay home and eat after church.  gooooooooooood stuff! sunday was a bum day after church. I put on my spongebob pj pants and vegged the rest of the day

today K is going to see Dracula at the theatre, Gavin has his school pics taken and G is going to the pumpkin patch with preschool. theres a moms GTG at the park at 9:30, but I'm skipping cause it's freaking COLD outside and S is still sleeping

today, like I said, is my
cleaning house day. all the major stuff anyway. 2nd load of laundry is in, floors been swept/mopped, some clothes put up, cat boxes cleaned/filled so far.

OH, totally forgot to mention on Friday was the homecoming parade in town. my mom went with us. S ended up falling asleep in her van so Garrett and I stood out on the sidewalk to collect candy. we got to see C while waiting (they let all the HS kids walk around the square). we got SO much candy! it fills a gallon zip loc bag! but I tell you what, I must have done 10 million squats to get it cause my top thigh muscles were KILLING me!!! OMG! saturday and sunday I was in agony. today I'm feeling normal, just a slight twinge when I squat. who'd have thunk that going to a parade to collect candy would do me in??

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Angie said...

love the goodwill!