Tuesday, March 03, 2009

no fix up today *boo* but a game plan.

this will be short cause it hurts :P
got to go over my xrays tonight. i have a compressed nerve at my c-6, which is causing my arm pain. also dont have enough curve to my neck which egged it on. will start sessions to fix both, hopefully tomorrow if tori is free.
2 numb fingers, a numb spot on my upper arm and palm and still shooting pain thru my rt arm from shoulder to forearm. spasms started up again yesterday. :P it sucks
doc said I'm a relative easy fix tho, so good news

  Sarinahas worked up to 50% walking now. you know how they progressively do more walking when they learn. she's liable to be 90% by end of week. she even carries things and dances while walking

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