Monday, March 30, 2009

  the good news for my mom is that she was released today with orders to see a heart specialist (tell me why it wasnt done while at the hospital or in the ICU?), her family dr and was put on meds for cholestorol. she's tired, but very glad to go home of course! still not sure what has been giving her chest pains, so really we dont know any more than we did yesterday.

I think S is cutting another tooth (bottom incisor). she's been waking once a night this week on me.
have I mentioned that she's been running and spinning herself in circles? its quite funny. and have I mentioned that she'll be a year old in a couple weeks? how can it be that time already??!
I've got ideas for her party and have gotten stuff together, but I have a feeling its going to sneak up on me and I wont be ready!

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