Friday, March 20, 2009

CANAAN'S BAND MADE IT!!!!!!!! so proud of them! they were even first on the "made it" list. now for even bigger butterflies to start hounding them!  the talent show is April 3rd. dh is even taking that day off.

my arm has been feeling much better today! i was even able to hold S w/ my right arm to nurse yesterday and today! it still has a numb type feeling and my elbow is getting sharp pains, but overall its good!

speaking of S, she is nearly running! she goes at a very fast walk when she wants, usually w/o falling. she'll be running by her birthday

I got stripes sewn on 5 sashes today. I'm going to ask for more credit doing any stripes from now on. they're just as much work as doing a whole plain sash! took me about 3.5 hrs to get those 5 done.

i hit my first yard sale of the season today! found a couple things for S. was going to get the boys a couple of action figures, but they started showing their tails so i put them back. I'm not rewarding them for acting ugly.

  I've been stressed this week cause the property taxes on FILs house were due. thing is, I swear I paid them back in the fall before any penalties incurred. only i cant find my receipts ANYWHERE. i cant even find the original postcard w/ the statement and i ALWAYS keep those for taxes.  so FIL had to pay $917 today. *sigh* I'm still looking for the reciept, i just KNOW i paid them.

  I've got more pics to share too.

oh, S also figured out how to get on the push car today, by herself! i got pics of course LOL!

waiting to go lay her down..

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Hi Gina. Check out my blog. I gave you an award. I've never done this so I hope I did it right!