Monday, March 23, 2009

so i couldnt get c in til 11 today and they were running an hour behind. joy. thankfully my mom kept the 2 boys for me. i took S so the doc could see her finger.
c's strep test was neg, but doc agreed his throat looked awful, so he's getting the same treatment LOL he got a shot in the butt and a dose of antibiotix to work thru. (he said his butt still hurts )
at first doc said to just use neosporin on her finger, but when i said it'd had puss in it, he looked closer. she lost part of her nail towards the bottom (visible now that most of the puss stuff has stopped ) and she may end up losing the nail for it to regrow.  so she got some antibiotix too to help her w/ it. she's had 2 doses (which she loves!) and its the first time in a week i can actually see her nail! its been all crustied up staying, even after cleaning. so i'm feeling good about taking her.

took c and s to subway while we waited on meds. s helped c eat the olives and turkey off his sammy and the lettuce and mater off mine. she loves black olives! (daddy is so happy LOL).

took the kids to kung fu after school and came home again. daddy picked them and the pizzas up and tori got here about 5:30. we all pigged on pizza and popcorn for the Twilight movie.

the movie was good, i think I'll buy it. there were a couple points they didn't stick w/ the book about, and i really think they could have toned down the red lips. LOL!  the next movie i think I'll like cause i like Jacob

ok, just got little bit down. thank goodness she knocked out earlier than last night and without two whole bottles to fill her gut up. LMBO! I still need to get a shower. tomorrow should be boring, just gotta pick the kids up for kung fu.

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