Thursday, February 26, 2009


I couldnt get on yesterday I hurt way too bad most of the time and the other I was holding onto an ice pack.
I woke to some serious muscle spasms that covered my whole right shoulder and all the way down my right arm. hurt like a MOFO! I even called my dad, wanting to ask him to come down and stay with me a couple days. he did talk on the phone with me a couple hours til I started feeling better.
seemed like it took forever til it was time for my chiro appt.
I got both sides of my neck adjusted and my whole spine. boy, did that feel good!
so I sat on ice the rest of the day/night. I got up at 3:30 this morning to feed S. the spasms had started up again (I'd already been awake at 3). at 4 a.m. I called robert in tears asking which meds he'd taken for his muscle spasms when he injured his knee.
so I've had one percocet today (one, cut in half so that I had two doses a few hours apart). when the spasms start up now they cover the whole right side of my back/shoulder and work down my right arm. 
right now its just that nerve pain that shoots down my arm, so I thought I'd get on and update.
I have another appt tomorrow morning, but am still working to find a baby sitter.  I really hope I get to go cause I want to get adjusted again along with the therapy. this stuff is awful!! hard to believe its from sleeping on my side. :P
my xrays came back ok except for a couple of compressed nerves, but no serious damage.
I do feel like a big ol' baby though! the bad thing is labor techniques dont work on this pain cause it doesnt ebb off. LOL I sure tried though.
I asked K to stay home with me today, partly from taking the pain meds this morning and also cause I just need help doing regular stuff around the house since my rt arm doenst have teh strength it normally does. sucks and I hated to do it, but I needed help and no one else was available.
so that's my whiney post for the day.
I'm doing a lot of sitting with an ice pack, some icy hot and a remote in my hand. still in my pjs and I need to get dressed. ugh. so much I need to do and I cant get it done. :P


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your hurting so bad. Sounds painful. I hope your able to find some relief soon!

Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better