Sunday, February 22, 2009

DH has been in all weekend and we've been enjoying that! he's going back to AL this week in the hopes they can finish up finally. seems like I say that every week, but he thinks it should actually be done now. that'd be nice!

  Saturday we got a babysitter, K stayed with her friend friday night til today, C went to his friends for band practice Saturday and dh and I went on a bday date!
we went to see the movie Taken. well, dh got to watch all of it, I got to see parts and pieces cause S went with us and she got all fidgety on me. :P I think it was a good movie though from what I seen, something to really make you think too (the plot behind it, not the action scenes)

Sarina has been sleeping like crap the last few nights. her two top front teeth are giving her crap I believe. she has a little runny nose to go with it. so she's up about every 2 hours all night. I keep having to lay her down to go back to sleep. she has quit taking a paci, wont suck her thumb either, so I'm trying to teach her how to comfort herself, either with a soft toy or something. so I've been one very tired mommy. took a nap today, finally (2 or 3 hours, cant remember) and hope to sleep tonight. here's hoping!
my shoulder is messed up again though cause I slept in K's bed while she was gone to be closer to S. my whole right shoulder area hurts. dh has popped my back for me several times and it helps for a bit, but then hurts again. sitting here is very uncomfortable even. it sucks! I guess I'll call the chiro tomorrow to see if I can get in.

oh and thanks for the hair love! I'm getting used to it again. been a long time since I had a perm, but I love them! this one is much more loose than my usual ones.
on a good note, I've had several comments this weekend as to how young I look! one lady today thought S was my only baby (we were in the nursery and she was visiting) and never thought I'd have a kid as old as C. makes me feel good!

sorry if I'm not caught up with everyone, tons of stuff to do here. still working on getting the last of the sashes done up before graduation at the dojo too. C signed up for baseball saturday as well adn we're waiting to hear if he made it on the high school team (he tried out for the 2 spots open).
he'll be having band practice M-W-F til the talent show in March (they'll be playing "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback) along with our regular kung fu schedule. plus all the stuff I'm wanting to get done around here. I've got a list made out and I plan on getting it done! *note to self-quit slacking!*

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