Tuesday, February 17, 2009

today seems to be big for Sarina! besides pointing (which I read G didnt do til 1 yr) she started taking off from the couch on her own tonite! laughing like a nut the whole time, she'd take off and go 3-4 steps before squatting down to a crawl. it was so cute and the kids were so excited! she even stood up in the middle of the floor once!!
i told dh she may be walking before he gets home!

I went to pay off one of those bills today to find I didnt have any checks in my purse. *duh* so I'll have to go back tomorrow. also need to pick up Gavin's shoes he left at the dojo and pay off the other bill. oh, the first one I found out that the payoff is about $450 less than what I thought, so that made me very happy!

Garrett and Hunter have both been little terds today. I think they're making up for the weekend or something but its driving me batty!
I have a list of things to get done and I'm determined to do them. though I dont think any of them got done today. LOL
OH, I got an appt on Thursday morning to get my hair done! happy birthday to me! I'm getting it cut/layered and *gulp* permed!  big hair, here I come!

forgot to mention that I picked up my prize at the library today. I won in a drawing they were having for Valentine's day I got a tote bag filled with two hard back (romance) books and two big sticks of chocolate! also checked out about 5 books while there.

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