Sunday, January 25, 2009


our date day was FAB! a whole 5+ hours of just dh and I (and Sarina) to hang out. we were going to eat at outback, but they didnt open til 3 (HOW can they do that on a saturday and still expect to make good money???) and it was only about 1, so we went to red lobster and pigged out! oh gosh, I was a walking bloat by the time we left!  it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD though! cost a pretty penny, but it'll likely be either the last time or the first of only two times we eat there this year.
we didnt see a movie cause he wasnt interested in what we found playing. no biggie.
we hit hobby lobby and I found some gorgeous material that I'm going to use to TRY to make a reversable mai tei for myself. wish me luck! I'll get a pic of the material tomorrow. I love it!
also found K some paint brushes she was wanting and they were half price, so 2.50 for a set of 20 nice brushes
then off to the mall (had to walk off some of that food!) and we putzed around a bit. I found some socks for S at gymbo and we got a couple of calendars for the boys (transformers and Fender guitars) since they were on clearance.

that was about it! time went quick! we had to wait about 20 minutes for our table anyway. OH, dh got me a mango daquiri (sp?) while we waited. that thing was AWESOME! and it didnt even give me a buzz. I think he told him to go mellow on it.  (normally I'm buzzing after something stupid like smelling liquor LOL)

but I feel so refreshed after today!! smiles and happy and all that good stuff! so it was worth it all the way around!

oh, while we were out, some stranger came up to the house and was banging on the door! they said he had a briefcase and a large binder. I have NO idea who it could have been except for insurance or book salesmen. they had everyone scared though!

tomorrow is church and dh is going to fix us lunch while we're gone. after that I'll take the girls grocery getting with me

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Anonymous said...

I love it when DH and I have date nights. Red Lobster sounds so good! DH is allergic to shellfish tho. :-(