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catching up on updates! 12-15 ~ 12-19

Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, Garrett succeeded in dumping the rest of Sarina's antibiotic down the kitchen sink. I thought they were child proof lids?! I guess I need a Garrett proof lid instead. :P she was down to the last couple of doses so hopefully it's ok.


Things have been fine here. Doing all the regular stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. Sarina turned 8 months today! Wow oh wow! Gotta get pics taken before I forget (again).

The kids got out of school early today cause of a winter storm advisory in effect. Ice and snow and all that stuff supposed to be moving in the area through the night. We'll see if they have school tomorrow. Gavin's music thing is tomorrow night so really, I hope it comes to nothing. They'll be out of school on Friday as it is, so they can do without a day off right now. LOL!


Robert is working in town this week! Well, he gets to be home each night that is. Only the 2nd week he's gotten to do that since he went back to work in October!  Sheesh. Thinking I'll fix spaghetti or sloppy joes tonight… yeah, maybe sloppy joes!


We finally watched Dark Knight last night! Good movie! Dark and grim, but still good. I've been playing Super Paper Mario this week LOL! Got myself hooked I did!


I got offered the job of sewing the sashes for the kung fu academy. J I thought that was cool and it's a super easy thing to do. I've got to check on prices of fabrics and see how much it'd run for me to do it compared to them ordering them so we can figure out a price to charge. Gotta be cheaper for me to do them though, ordering them was $16 each and I made the kids 3 sashes for like $3 total!


Sarina is getting much faster at crawling now. Plus she's working on figuring out the doors on the cabinets that she can get to. Fun! :laughing: She has done another time or two of standing on her own for a few seconds, but she gets a real worried look on her face when she's not holding onto something while she's standing. :lol:

As far as how big she is, she didn't grow much this past month. She's still 21.5 lbs, but she's now 29" tall. Still wearing 12m stuff, size 3 shoes.


Garrett only wears pull ups while we're out of the house anymore. He does a great job going potty. I'm tempted to let him wear undies out (and he has one time on a very short trip) but he still tends to go in them if we cant get to a potty on time. And this kid has to go what seems every 5 minutes! His bladder must be the size of a teaspoon! :lol:


I set up the PNP in the bedroom for Sarina. She finally outgrew the cradle. She's sleeping great in it too. I was worried about the transition for her, but she's done really well. The first week she had to sleep in the swing cause of her congestion, but since then its been in the PNP. She sleeps til about 4am and then up to nurse and down again til 7 or 8 when she comes in bed with me for a nursing.


The band concert went really well this past Friday. So proud to see Katlyn up there, it reminded me of when I was in band. Brought back a ton of memories! :D I hope she keeps it up!


Gavin gets to wear his pj's to school this Friday for their last day. :lol: he's so excited about that.


Ooo, I've got a little crawly bug-girl on my leg and now standing at my chair. Guess I better tend to her. ;)





Well the kids are out of school today. There's a layer of ice on everything around here. Gavin's school program was tonight, now I wonder what they'll do about that. They've been working on it for a couple of months now. ??

The kids of course are super happy to be off school today. Canaan's already played his video game and Katlyn is on hers now. :lol: I think Gavin and Hunter may still be sleeping cause they're not in here on the computer drawing Batman/hulk/etc.

Garrett is in between sleep and awake. I sent him back to bed about 30 minutes ago. Fussing and carrying on.

Sarina is still snoozing. She's in my bed all snuggled up.


I wonder how much we can NOT get done today? LOL!



A sleeping baby in my lap right now, but I'm excited cause I got bows today!! All kinds since my Pretties order and my Gymbo order both came in! Gymbo had free ship and bows on sale last week, so I got 5 different pairs of bows for $14. :D Now we have new colors and even whispies that K and I can wear. Woo!


I need to get dinner started. Sleeping baby makes that hard though. She's not taken a good nap today so I hate to move her. :-P I did get her 8m pics taken today. Used the gorgeous dress Naomi got for her. Its soooooooooooo … GIRLY!!! :princess: it fluffs out like a tutu. Adorable!!


I finally finished up my Christmas cards today too. My printer jammed on me last week doing pics and it freaked it out. It wouldn't print anything from the puter, only wanted to copy things. Had to unplug it so it'd reset itself.


My anal list keeping self put together a list of all the kids heights to age 13. :blush: weights too if I had them. I had all this space in the notebook, had to do something with it! LOL!!


I tried to logon to BOLU from my phone today, but it kept kicking off cause the page was too large, even with no images/avatars/sigs in place and just 5 posts per page. Figures. The net provider said we're looking at mid-January at his latest guess right now. I sure hope it doesn't go back any farther, I need me some net!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my own house on my computer!)


I cant believe that Christmas is so close! The kids get out Friday for break. I still have a lot of wrapping to do. We've not put up outside lights this year because dh hasn't been here to do them. At least the tree is up. Barely standing though it is! Thomas, our tomcat, has repeatedly climbed the thing, Sarina gets it nude across the bottom and Garrett beats on all the ornaments like they're drums. Poor tree! My angel has fell off once and seems to always be leaning now. :lol:


Poor Gavin picked up a bug yesterday and he was up w/ an upset tummy last night. Today he's had the squirts. He keeps messing slightly on his drawers because he tries to fart! I told him he better not fart again unless he's on the pot!!






School was back on today! The kids were sad cause the county next to us was out but really there wasn't a reason to be. Friday is the last day anyway and they're more than counting down to that!


Gavin's concert is tomorrow night now. They moved the time up a bit as well. Not sure if dh will be able to make it now or not cause of that. :-P guess I'll record it for him on my camera JIC.


FIL is to be in next week to stay for the weekend at least, maybe til the first of the year. We'll find out more about that next week.


Garrett is driving me bonkers being a drummer on everything in the house! Seriously, this kid finds two stick-like objects and they become drumsticks and anything in sight becomes his drums. *bang bang bang bang* is what he'd do all day long if I let him. :crazy:

He's been wearing his underwear with his pants today and most of this week. He prefers to have his "Uh-wear" on when he gets up now too, which is a big bonus. :D not that he doesn't forget (once today) sometimes while wearing pants, but he's doing great!


My neighbor sent a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls over last night! OMG, those are a serious weakness to me! :lol: they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I was good and only ate 3 (there are 8 in a pan :blush: ) and refused the rest (*ahem* didn't hide the rest from the kids) and let them finish them off. So now they're gone! Whew!


Going for my Mirena tomorrow! I'm kinda excited about it. I've been cramping off and on this week, but I think its just my body doing its "trying to drop an egg but not really doing it" thing cause my face was totally broke out last week. They'll do a pg test before they put it in anyway. As always I'll be on pins and needles waiting for that. :lol:


Hmmm… wonder how long this update will get before I get to post it….



Well the mirena is in now and I go back in about 3 weeks for a recheck to make sure its in place right. It cramped awful, especially on my left side when it was put in. I took some Aleve and was feeling better about an hour later. I was even a bit queasy from it. Go figure. I did get the doc and nurse to laughing though. When he was inserting it, it cramped and I did a few "ow! Ow! Ow!" and he said I was making him feel bad cause its not supposed to be very painful. I said "well I guess its cause my stuff hasn't seen any action in a long time to make it hurt." The nurse almost spit she started laughing and the doc was soon after. (me too of course) and nurse says "that was just funny how you said that" and doc went along too with "yeah, your poor hubby!" and I had to explain  my comment as meaning 'no periods/cramps' kind of action. :lol:

I was only out $80 for it ($50 copay cause my doc is a specialist by my ins, $30 for the mirena) so not bad for being covered the next 5 years. :D


Stopped by a couple of thrift stores afterwards and found Gavin a white button down shirt for tonight (yay!) and a few leggings and shirts/sweaters for S. found a Bratz scrapbook for K too. I'm going to find out if her friend Dana likes to scrap or else I'll just give it to k.





The musical went great last night! It was so cute seeing the kids perform. I got it all on video thanks to mom. Gavin said at first he was nervous, but then excited. :D he was so proud of himself, as were we!


Found that dh is going out of town again this coming week to Chattanooga. He'll be back on Wednesday. :-p

He did get his bonus already, a week earlier than usual. Wow!


Gotta get in town, and hopefully post this!


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