Friday, January 09, 2009

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1/6/2009 11:03 AM


long time no update I guess! Its been a good week or two (forget how long its actually been since a real update got posted). Let's see, this past week my sis and her family came up to do our Christmas gifts finally. It was fun having them all here, always is! All the kids enjoyed their gifts (both sides) and I hear the big bag of homemade goodies I sent home has quickly disappeared! :D

Canaan got the Bruce Lee book (his first book) and has been studying on that every day! I think that's the first thing besides a manga book that he's had open each day LOL!

Katlyn got drawing items of Tinkerbell, which is perfect for her! Gavin got a lego knights game but he and Hunter have been using it solely as legos for now (they loooooooooooove legos!) Hunter got a Cars read along book/CD set and a bug set LOL! Its got a lot of fake bugs in it along with the book to talk about them, even a sticker set and small poster. We now have bug stickers all over the kids puter desk. ;) Garrett got a soft farm set, its so cute! He still calls all the animals cows, but he's learning! Sarina got a great assortment of books… and I'm thinking a toy as well. Dang if I cant remember now!

Friday we let both C and K have a friend over for the night. K had her cousin Heather over and C had his friend Graham. All well behaved and only a couple of "turn the music down" episodes after bedtime. Good kids!


The kids went back to school yesterday (Monday) and it sure was lonely without them all here. Canaan once again asked if we could homeschool again and I said nope! Not cause I'd not love to have them home, but he doesn't listen to me well enough for schooling now and I'm not going to stress myself out over that. Plus he'd then start complaining that he missed his friends. Oh the agonies of teens! LOL!

K and G were kinda glad to be going back, they both missed their friends, but I was still told I was missed when they got back and gavey told me he'd miss me this morning. *sniff* such a sweetie!


Dh put up a new coat rack for us yesterday! WOO! I've been waiting on that for years! No more coats hanging on the kitchen chairs now, I love it!!!


I finished the Twilight series in 9 days (maybe 10?). it was good, though honestly, I don't see what all the hype was/is about. :dunno: it was a good fun read, but I have read better and plenty that have left a better ending for me to close with. Eh, it was free, so no biggie.  I'm definitely just going to wait for the DVD to come out though.


Sarina's hair is turning into a mowhawk LOL! She's got a right thick tuft of hair at the top of her head now. Its easy to keep bows in that have the grippie stuff on them, but the back is very slow to be filling in. I've tried to spike it up, but no success so far LMBO!!!


Speaking of bows, I've made some! Just for crafting fun for my girls, but I did some korker style bows! :D they can get addicting to make and gosh, it can get expensive too! LOL!! I do have pics of my goodies to share. I've actually got a lot of pics to share, still need to resize them (as of this update).


Had to call ATT about our texting. I'm not getting all of my texts for some reason and we cant figure it out. Irritates me to no end as well! Hopefully it'll be worked out soon and I'll have my texts (all of them) again.


I'm enjoying my new crockpot like crazy! Though I need to get a lot more crockpot recipes to make stuff! Last night was pork chops with all the fixings. I'm thinking of meatballs tonight and sloppy joes tomorrow :hehe: .


It also looks like I'll be making the sashes for the kung fu class too! I'll get the specifics maybe this week. Cool!



1/7/2009 11:59 AM


I'm really liking my crockpots (have I said that yet? LOL). Yesterday was BBQ meatballs (all gone!) and today is spaghetti sauce (smells great!!)


I'm still trying to get my recycles to the center. All last week they were closed cause of NYE and they were full and wouldn't allow drop offs. Very irritating!

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