Saturday, January 31, 2009

we had a good day today! got to hang out and all that. dh got in last night right as kung fu class was starting, so the kids loved that and I had help with the little ones. we took the kids to Jetters afterwards cause kids eat free from 5-8pm.
today C went to his friends house so they could practice as a band and the rest of us went to the city for a few stops. had to get a few things from Sams, some guitar strings for C and dh had to stop at Harbor Freight for some work related stuff. I wanted to go to Target, but dh forgot and I didnt say anything. kept me from spending more $
oh, I had to use my new baby carrier in Sams (S gets tired of carts very quickly!) and I got so many comments course it could just be the cute baby in the carrier one man came up as we were checking out saying "I just had to come see my little girlfriend before she left!" course its always hilarious when people come up to Sarina and want to engage with her cause she normally just STARES at them without cracking a smile!  once in a blue moon she'll smile and interact with someone, but usually its just a "what are you doing you kook" type of look 

tonight the kung fu academy celebrated Chinese New Year at our local chinese restaurant. it was fun! we filled up half the restaurant (which is saying a lot). they did a Lion Dance, hollered out "happy new year (in chinese)", had a raffle, gave out awards (all 3 of mine got one!) and of course we ate like piggies.  I have pics on the camera that I'll upload later.

oh, in awesome news, I GOT MY CAMERA!!!! I had to do it the hard way, but I got it!
while in the city, we stopped at Best Buy cause I wanted to get my hands on the camera (I remember playing with it before, but wanted to look at it again) only to find out they didnt have it in store. then after more looking, they're discontinuing that model! *wah!* they only had a small # for the whole district I could order and I didnt have the $ today and by the end of Feb (when our return is back) they'd very likely be gone and definitely off sale as they were today. so I left there empty handed. *pout*
then later i got to wondering if Walmart carried them OL. Voila! they do! so I applied for a walmart card at checkout and what do you know, it liked me! so it'll be here next week and I'll just pay it off when we get our return back!  I'm tickled!!

tomorrow after church we'll start getting ready for the super bowl party! well, maybe not party per say, but hang out. LOL!

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