Monday, September 29, 2008

so last night was interesting. before bed, Sarina decided to puke all her milk up. twice. not sure what was wrong, we figure she just drank too much when she took her night time bottle about an hour before. she went to sleep without nursing, which I was glad about cause I didn't know how her tummy would act, and she was fine all night, though she was up about every 2.5 hrs cause of not getting that bottle. she's been fine today as well, so I guess it was a one time thing.

in other Sarina news, I can see where her bottom two teeth are pushing up her gums now. not expecting them until at least 6m, maybe 7 months though, but they're coming! no others are noticeable yet.

when she's ready to nurse, she gets all excited and starts snorting/breathing heavy as she gets in my lap, then when she's about ready to latch on, she starts 'singing' to the bb! then hums for the first few seconds! sooooooooo funny!!

Garrett: he's picked up a couple new words this weekend (or rather clarified words). the first was Friday morning when it was chilly in the house. he came out just in a diaper from waking up and was grouching and complaining. I kept asking him what he wanted, but he kept whining. (ugh) so finally I fixed him his chocolate milk and got his cereal bar and sat him at the table. well, after a minute, he leans back to holler for me in the bathroom. I look to him and ask what he wanted and he said "BLANK-IE!!"he sure told me! LMBO!!
then yesterday morning while getting ready for church, he noticed that one of the cats had puked in the utility room. so I was guiding him around it and he says "NAS-TAY!"
cracking me up!!!

the kids go on fall break this Friday! a whole week of having all my babies at home! daddy will likely be going back to work as well, so it'll be chaos.

gotta get the bills paid this morning, I've put it off all weekend. :P

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