Monday, September 22, 2008

have had a good day and a good weekend. Saturday we were kinda lazy after a busy start. Gavin had his last regular game (they won!) and are in 3rd place right now. he plays Tuesday for the first day of tourneys and we'll have to see how it goes after that. we hit a few yard sales, and picked up a few things from the store then back home. they had a car show in town that day so dh picked up C and they went in town for a few hours to ooooo and ahhhhhh
we others vegged here at home.

Sunday was church and stayed home afterwards to cook burgers and fries. saved $20 easy!
today starts C's first day of football practice. dh says he's going to go up there and watch. it'll be interesting to see how he does with it. he's been learning all he can about it and practicing on his throwing the last week.

today I've got a roast and all the fixings in the oven, dang it smells SO good in here!!

I've stuck to my WL plan and today was aerobic for me and I pushed myself harder. I'm determined still to do good at this! one week down, 11 to go! oh, I've already lost 3.5" overall already!! I'm wondering how often to take progression pics. I thought maybe another set at the 6 week mark for comparison and a final at the 12 week mark.

ok, guess that's it, I think. I should make notes of what I want to yap about

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