Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm down another .5 lb today! gotta love watching the numbers go down instead of up like they have been!
C enjoyed his football practice, he's got a lot to learn though I don't know if he'll actually get a lot of play time in this year or not, but its a learning experience for him at least and keeps him busy.
tonight they have a game, so he'll be going on the ball bus right after school and wont be picked up till about 8:30. they do kick kids off the team if they cant keep their grades up, so he's been warned LOL! he's doing really well this year though, so hopefully it wont even be an issue!
tonight is Gavin's playoff game at 6. if they win tonight, they'll play again on Thursday. if not, then trophies Saturday. K and C play their playoff game on Friday, but they have the championship game scheduled for MONDAY. tell me how they're going to do that since trophies are Saturday?

picked up a new entertainment center for the boys room today. my sis has been waiting for us to pick it up seems like forever and we finally went to get it today! its much smaller than the huge thing in the boys room now, so it'll give them more space!

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