Wednesday, July 19, 2006


tonight he rolled tummy to back during tummy time! he looked mighty surprised too. LOL! I tried to get pics of him doing it again, but of course he wouldnt do it, just got mad.
he's finding his hands now. I love this stuff! when I laid him next to me this morning to nurse, he was having a ball grasping and rubbing on my gown. he'll swat at stuff he likes too, including faces. so sweet! I've gotten out the wrist rattles and rattle booties for him.
I've noticed his spitting up has lessened the last week. dont know for sure the reason as I've done a few things: supplementing w/ good start, a tsp of rice cereal in each bottle, plus he's just gotten bigger. whatever it is, I'm glad! not that he's not messing up lots of bibs/outfits/burp towels and receiving blankets still, but its better. LOL!

C got nailed in the head w/ a baseball last nite at the game. it was his left temple and it was w/o a batting helmet. he's got a knot/swelling there and a small red place, but no bruising so far. he's fine and only gripes if someone touches it. dh got rather ticked off tho cause it was an overthrow on the field and the thrower never came to apologize or check if C was ok (a team member too). he's ok tho.

I took the kids to my brothers to swim today. the had a blast. my brother has one of the bigger hard side pools, so they played hard!
I got to see my nephew again too, he's filling out so much!

Tasha's having problems tho, seems her cervix has never firmed up and she started bleeding very heavily on friday (the pad an hour type). the dr put her on meds she has to take daily for the next year in hopes of correcting it, or else its a hysterectomy. she said its already helping the bleeding at least cause its slowed down some, and she's not stressing over it right now. said she's blessed to at least have had Landon in the worst case scenario. I hope things heal up. she goes back in 2 weeks for more tests & another pap cause she was bleeding too mich the other day. I think he'll check her uterus as well.

ok, all that took about an hour to type!

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