Saturday, July 15, 2006

almost a month

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Garrett will be a month old in two days *sniff*. these pics were taken this past week. lots of them in the picture files to look at. :)
he's filling out for me finally. when we were at the dr on Friday he weighed in at 9.6 lbs and he's 22 3/4" at last check about a week ago. look how his little legs are filling out, and check out those chubby cheeks!

everyone is doing well. hard to get updates in much right now as my hands are usually full of little one. he has his good nights and bad nights (I sure love the good ones).
Canaan is finishing up ballgames now. only about 5 more to go. he just got a new ball bat today that was on sale (though still dang expensive IMO) because he warped his other bat (with batting, not being ornery with it ;)
katlyn keeps asking about soccer, but we're not letting her do soccer this year. for one thing the price went up. the other is that she's so girly, we know she wont like this league of players. when she was 7 it was smaller kids and more fun. now its 9-11 year olds and its all about competition. she does NOT like being run over. LOL!
I'd not mind getting Gavin in soccer though. his league would be fun, but alas, the $50 to do it is not here. :( and sign ups were done on the 12th. HE is excited about his birthday coming up (well, in about 4 weeks LOL) he's already making his list of birthday wants, and they all pertain to superman items. so I guess he'll be having a superman party. :)
Hunter, who is now a big ol 4 years old, has been going through a bit of a change. sometimes he is still very ornery of course, but he has many days where he's very loveable and tender. (who took my kid??? LOL) he's been giving lots of kisses again and loves on Garrett. course its still much of the day "MOM! HUNTER DID *THIS* OR *THAT*" from the other kids, but hey, a work in progress, right? :)

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