Friday, February 10, 2006

update finally

sorry I've been so MIA this week. hanging with the kids and just not feeling like a puter girl. :P katlyn was also sick the past two days with a fever yesterday, so I stayed by her side. she's fever free (last I checked) today, so she's much happier about that.

let's see, nothing much going on really. I did get some belly shots today finally. missed last week cause I was planning on those beautiful Kate-shots *pout*. so maybe you'll see some expansion from the last pic now. LOL!

baby is doing fine, I must say he's a quiet baby. not that he never moves, but often than not, I forget I have a wiggler in there till I lean forward or something and he doesn't like it and proceeds to poke and prod his aggravation. he does have certain wake up times, early morning, late night are the most notable, especially late night.

its supposed to come a winter wonderland this evening! we're under a winter storm watch for it. I'm really hoping my brother will go ahead and get on over so I can get the shopping and stuff done. not that I've got much to do, but I don't want to be out till 4 today. :P

oh, in a couple of hilarious things that happened here this week:

a couple days ago, Hunter got in trouble and was sent to bed for a nap. well, he's a VERY dramatic child, everything is crying/wailing and rubbing the eyes like he's trying to make them fall out ( ) and stuff like that. well, after being put to bed, the wailing gets louder... and louder (now, this is normal since he's just feeling really put out and mad that he was put to bed LOL, but this was getting on my nerves). so I go to the door (which I can hear him right behind) and open it and he's standing there holding himself, bouncing-hopping back and forth on each foot and hollers "I GOTTA GO PEE PEE!!" which of course sends all the other kids into fits of rolling laughter.
afterwards Gavin and Canaan were both doing a pee pee dance for more laughs. silly kids!

then night before last, we were online looking for ringtones for dh's new cellphone. one of them was "angry cat" (we'd gotten bored so were looking through all the silly stuff). so I played it then all of a sudden Robert starts laughing his head off! I look at him like he's crazy and ask what's up and he says Twinkie came tearing out from under my desk all puffed up like a pineapple and ran into the other room! so we look to find her and she's coming back in to us, eyes as big as grapefruits and sure enough, hair raised all over looking like a Halloween cat! : I played it again and again (oh, I'm such a torturer) and she kept running around hissing at everyone and nothing, puffed up and wide-eyed, ready to fight the unknown cat! Cassie went and hid under the other computer desk, peeking out every now and then to see if it was safe. I was laughing so hard I was crying!! I told Robert it'd be worth downloading that just to watch the cats go nuts.

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Fluffy Peanut said...

LOL!!! Those stories are hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh, LOL!!