Sunday, February 19, 2006

my birthday!

I've had a good day, took today to celebrate my bday since mom could watch the kids for us and it was a happy day! have pics to post too at the end.

started out with dh going to get Canaan signed up for baseball! dh will be an assistant coach this year again and he's looking forward to the new team (last years coach totally sucked eggs) so we switched teams, moved up and hope for a much better year!
about 1 we took the kids to my moms. we had snow last night, which wasn't much, but without getting out of the 20's today it made the roads kinda bad for most of the morning... so dh did all the driving.
headed off to the next city cause I was hungry for some Outback!! well, they didn't open till 3, so we went to Sams club and walked around (not members, so just browsing) found some good deals of course.
we got back to OB about 2:45 and waited. nothing like being one of the first in! hehe! we weren't the first IN the building, but with dh's finagling, we were the first to be seated!
we got the blooming onion and I got the outback special. I just love their steaks. my gosh!
the waitress brought us out a big ol hot fudge sundae at the end too for my bday.
it was all so good. my gosh, I'm embarrassed to say I ate so much, but I cleaned my plate... and my salad bowl, and about a half loaf of their bread and probably half that bloomin onion! plus about 3 or 4 Dr. Peppers!
in ALL seriousness, you know how when you drink, it doesn't hit till you stand up? well, none of this all hit till I stood up! I couldn't take a full breath!!! : OMGOsh, it was pitiful! I felt like I had a concrete block in half my belly trying to breathe around it! I was so miserable... but it all tasted so good! hehe!!
we went to the mall afterwards cause dh was wanting to find a pair of shoes (which he never found what he wanted) and I was literally holding my tummy with my hands cupped under it cause I was SO dang FULL! awful, pitiful. go into the restaurant looking 6 months pg, come out looking like it birth time!!!
while there we met some people we knew, including brother and SIL. we swapped belly stories of the day and relaxed while the menfolk did their magazine rounds.
at JCP I found a nice clearance on winter maternity! got me two tops for 3.77 each (will post pics).

after being in there till after 6 we headed home. I was beat and food was finally settling ( LOL).

we got to my moms around 7 or so and she gave me my bday pressie! she got me the Kecci bag I've been drooling over!! (got a pic!) its so pretty!! and much bigger than I thought! I was worried it'd be a mini diaper bag, but nope, lots of space without being huge! I love it! my first designer bag (would know it'd be a diaper bag ) and I'm thrilled!

um, lets see..

oh, played on moms internet (since she has DSL) and finally found dh a new ringtone for his new phone. (he HAD to switch phones today cause his antenna broke on the old one.) and he got Raiders of the Lost Ark. just his style. hehe!

Canaan got back from Louisville after we got to moms. they had a safe trip, though they seen many accidents along the way! (icy roads and all that). his favorite thing is that he saw Big Tom and Kentucky Joe from Survivor there and got their autographs. he called me up to tell me that earlier today. he was SO excited. LOL!

oh, I got several bday cards in the mail today too! woo!

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