Tuesday, February 21, 2006

weight issues

I'm getting more worried about my weight gain. (I know, same ol' story!) but reading through my journals of previous pgs, with H I gained a total of 22 lbs -8.11 lb baby-, with G a total of 18 lbs -8.2 lb baby-, with Katlyn 8 lbs -7.5 lb baby-, with C 32 lbs -10 lb baby. see a correlation in weight to baby size? I'm already up 15 so far with @ 15 weeks to go! (geez, that does NOT seem like long!) I just don't wanna pop out another 10 lber. I know it'd be easier this time, but still!
baby is seriously taking up much room in there. I know he's a floater though, so that helps me think he's not huge already. LOL! I have NO cervical pain, just hip pain, round ligament pain and small stomach to food ratio ( )and hard breathing. I've gotta get better on my meal sizing. I did better last night, but was still too full after just a grill cheese and a helping of mac & cheese (plugged up anyone? ) and a glass of apple juice. I was miserable!
for breakfast I had two pancakes and a glass of milk and I think I'm good til around 3 or later today. :P

I also think baby is almost transverse right now. I know he's sunny side up, but with the way the kicks and pokes are going, I'm thinking he's cradled in there instead of head down. I know, no worries, plenty of time and all, it just does worry me a bit. LOL!

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