Wednesday, February 15, 2006

23 week dr. appt and then some

appt went well today. kids got to hear the h/b thumping away and baby kept squirming away from the dr. and no, only one h/b found.. course he only listened in one spot. LOL!
BP was 109/63 and I've gained 3 lbs. I knew there'd be weight gain this time. LOL!
I told the dr. I feel like baby or I had a growth spurt this week and he laughed at me.
he measured my belly for the first time and he didn't tell me the number, but I asked if it was 'on target' and he nodded.

baby woke around 5:30 this morning with dh and kept me awake for about an hour. he was playing all over the place. I actually had my first 'bad sleep night' last night. couldn't get comfy for anything. my belly felt so heavy all night. I thought I lost my knee pillow once, but discovered I'd put it under my head at some point.

I did go ahead and get Hunter's new carseat today. I got this one

the padding in the seat was more than the evenflo big kid seat and they're the same price. I went ahead and set him up in the back seat with Gav. they didn't have the half booster like the pic above for gav, so I just took off his front bar on the one he has now and will let him use it that way. course I know h will likely still sit in the middle at times before baby gets here, but they're set up now. katlyn said she'll sit by baby.

also stopped at Cares while in Portland and found 7 diaper covers a cute burp towel, a hooded bunny terry cloth baby towel, a cute baby gown and a bug holder... uh, its a little plastic bug home that the kids can catch them in and they can live a while and the kids can observe.
I did find an adorable crib bumper there. it had turtles, frogs and stuff on a mint green/light blue background. it was only $2, but I hadn't gone to the bank yet and they only take cash. tomorrow is quarter day on clothes so I *may* go back down and see if they still have it. may.... not sure. perhaps wait till Friday. LOL!

oh, my mom asked this morning if Robert was planning on anything special for my birthday. we usually just go out to dinner, so she may watch the kids for me on Saturday perhaps. Canaan will be gone with papaw to the tractor pull that day anyway, so mom will be by herself.

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