Saturday, May 16, 2009

we paid off the suburban today!! sears is paid off too!! Dave Ramsey would be proud of all we've paid off since last July. I'm super proud too! amazed mostly at how far we've come! I've not added up our payoff since 9-06 yet, but I know its ginormous (and embarrassing). our bill stack is blessedly shrinking and I don't often cringe at the mail coming any more. its wonderful how much weight is lifted off when you get out from under debt!
anyhoo, just had to share my relief

it was a good day. got pay offs and recycling done this morning. picked up c from my brothers. came home, got the girls, took mia home then went off w/ k and s.

I started asking K if there was anything she wanted to tell about, new/exciting stuff or anything and that got nowhere  finally I just told her I'd noticed it while doing laundry. she was like "OH, yeah, I forgot to tell you"  LMBO! it started the day they went on their field trip to six flags! only one day and she had her friends 'supplies' to help her out.
so we yakked about it a bit (we've already talked in depth before) and I asked her where she wanted to eat. she took us to zaxbys LOL!
at walmart I got her a new notebook and two pair of leggings, along with hair color (her and C want new highlights) and some more nair (and of course the usual food stuff).
the funniest thing was she didnt want to *look* at the pads. reminded me of a guy trying to buy them for his wife. I'd tell her what I preferred and was trying to explain the sizes adn she'd glance then look away down teh aisles while saying "sure, that's fine. uh huh. no, that's what I want. ok"  too funny!

I spent way too much there for the 2nd week in a row. I get over $100 at walmart and I kinda freak

dh worked on the cars today. my passenger window now works! (its never worked since we got teh MIB) he also fixed HIS passenger window AND my little SIL's passenger mirror. something about the passenger sides...

tonight dh and C are watching Taken adn Underworld.

S has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo clingy today. I've hardly gotten to put her down and she hardly goes to anyone else, except daddy. makes it really hard to get stuff done and for one sore arm!
of course we got TONS of compliments on her hair again today. I remember 5, there were probably more

church tomorrow and dont know what else... besides Farm Town :)

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