Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so tonight was interesting. when I picked the kids up from school, K told me she had a band concert tonight. ok, thanks for the heads up! LOL! we worked it out though and dh was able to meet us in town after kung fu (K didnt go, took her home to change) and he took the boys to the park and I went to the school. her band (beginning band) only played for about 15 minutes and we stayed for the 7th/8th gr band.
caught up with the boys afterwards and went to zaxbys (kids free night). dh is goign out of town tomorrow to GA til friday. *wah!*

I'm going to my moms in the morning to hang out so probably wont be on much. I'll have to take my puter to check my farm on FB

this coming monday, vicky will be watching the kids for me and I'm going to meet my big sis in the city so we can go see xmen! I'm so excited!!! girls day out!

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