Monday, May 18, 2009

so I had plans to go to the movies today with my sis, but they got shot down cause my LOs are sick.  Gav brought home a cough last week and H has it now and yesterday S woke with a low grade fever and this morning G had been trying to toss his juice, along with a low grade fever.
S woke just a bit ago though and the fever is gone and she's eating again (only ate one taco yesterday) and she's smiling and happy, so I think she's back to normal for me. G is sleeping on teh couch though, which is a huge sign he doesnt feel well

yesterday we went to church, amazing we get there relatively on time with my teens and toddlers. cant blame it on K either, its C that gives me grief!

while getting in the truck to go to church yesterday, gavin took G's hat off. G got mad adn banged his head on the truck step. of course it was right on the place he fell this week and scarred his head!  I didnt know it in all the hubub of getting out the door, but later, when C brought him in from sunday school, he said 'ms. amanda said he shoudl go to the ER for his head', I'm like  'his head is fine, all it has is a little red scab' then i lift his hair to see its turned black and blue and is swelled up with a big goose egg!!! ARGH!!!!!! it looks awful!! this kid and his tantrums. UGH! so I had to find out what happened (Garrett said "gavin did it" LOL) and Gav told me what happened. *sigh* explained to Amanda what happened and that his head had NOT looked like that all week. geez.
it looks much better today, the swelling has gone down, but its still all black and blue where he hit it. I hate tantrums. LOL

S woke this morning feeling normal! (she just woke about 30 minutes ago). she seen the pop tart Hunter had and squealed for him to give her some, a good sign! G just woke on the couch (said "I'm done!" LOL) hopefully the anti-nausea meds will help his tummy feel better.

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