Friday, April 24, 2009

 well I tried to update earlier today, but lost my connection when I did. :P afer monday maybe I wont have that problem so often!

I had to run in town early today cause the school called to tell me gavin was throwing up all over the place. it came on after he'd gotten on teh bus. he was sick for about 2 hours total before his body finally quit rejecting everything. I did take him to the dr and got him some phenegran. he never napped until I was driving everyone in for kung fu, then he napped for a good hour+

he's doing well now, been eating foods and stuff like normal. guess its a good thing its the weekend now.

had a great time outside again, we stayed out til it got dark!

hmmm... sure there was more, but I've forgotten for now.
oh, do have pics, but need to upload them. may just wait for monday to do that!

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