Thursday, April 09, 2009

so I'm feeling so much better today! my throat only hurts enough to make me wince when I sneeze (and of course I've sneezed like 5 times today!). G and S had another ROUGH night last night. ugh. G ran a fever last night and wouldnt take any meds til about 4 or so this morning. he was up about every 20 minutes and when he wasnt whining and hollering for me, S was doing it.  thank goodness they both eventually passed out hard about 5 this morning and I got a decent stretch til 8:30.

got ready and out the door by 10. wanted to drop stuff off at the thrift store, but she's moving to a new building and wanst there. means I still have stuff in my truck, but guess it wont be in the house to be cluttered on saturday. LOL!
got a few things dropped off at the cosignment store, went to the pet shelter for K cause she's doing a scrapbook on Animal Kindness for extra credit this week. we got pics while there.
finally made it to walmart to finish getting waht I'd need for Saturday and ended up spending $67! *eek!* course taht included a new pair of shoes for K (church shoes which she had none of) and stuff for cake decorating that'll get me through all the bdays this year.
got a lot of fruit cause I decided to do fruit kabobs instead of meats (bananas, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, grape).
I'm excited about doing the cake!
last night during my many wakign moments, i was thinking of different cakes to do for the other bdays. K is thinking tinkerbell/fairy stuff so I have all kinds of ideas blooming for that. I think I'll do a spongebob for Garrett since he's into the Bob these days. the boys are into batman and bakugans so who knows what we'll be doing. and C just wants another guitar. easy!

I also found the centerpiece for saturday, very simple, but I did stress over it (and I dont know why, I rarely have a centerpiece for anything!)
I got the fake eggs loaded (hehe, that sounds funny!) and tomorrow I'll boil up the real ones and let the kids decorate them.
I'm just doing baked beans and the dips and dh will be doing the burgers, so that'll leave plenty of time to work on the cake! I hope it comes out all right! I have lots of grand ideas, just to see if they actually turn out like I want!

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