Sunday, April 19, 2009

pics and stuff

we had a good day! church this morning (we were on time even) then off to the city. we hit sams to stock up, best buy for a new dvd player (our old one we've had since 2000 finally went wonky a few weeks ago), fazolis and home depot to check out blinds.
c and his friend luke had a great time at the Skillet concert last night! they got home about midnight. today they both went to practice for this thing their band is doing for the school tomorrow. they have 5 songs planned: gotta be somebody, leader of men, if everyone cared (all nickelback), wipe out and one more. my mom is taking her mixing board and video recorder for them.
then he has a ball game after that and the other kids have kung fu during.
so long day tomorrow for my big boys, I dont expect to see c or dh til bedtime.
I have a bunch of pics to post next from our nice day yesterday

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