Friday, March 11, 2011

weight loss stuff

  in good news .... and probably a way TMI good news but for anyone who cares (my WL buddies!) I'm going to start getting the next size smaller panties!  I'm having serious panty dropping issues these days LMBO!! quite embarrassing to keep having to yank your drawers up in your pants during the day!!! so it finally dawned on me today "gosh, maybe I need a smaller size now?" duuuuuuuh! so I'll go in search of some size 5's tomorrow (maybe in the clearance section LOL!!) to see how they fit.
I did wear a pair of my DDs jeans today. they're 7/8's, but I think they were made a bit big? they werent 10's in size though, so maybe they were right. they were comfy all day though! most of my 10's now start out fitting comfortably, but after about an hour I'm having to yank them up constantly or wear a tight belt to keep them up. I cant wear all size 8's though. I hate in-between sizes!
but I can honestly say, even though I have gotten down to 149 after having Hunter (my lowest weight I'd gotten to since before having kids), this is the smallest I've been. I didnt exercise before, so never got back into 8's back then. I remember getting 10's and I kept those for a few years before giving up on them. so this is really huge (or small?) for me. LOL

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