Thursday, March 31, 2011

did I mention that C only has 2 more appts til his braces come off?!! when May 16th gets here, he'll be braces free! I'm excited for him as is he as you can imagine! we'll be getting K in braces once school is out. figured that'd be the easiest way to do hers since its so close to the end of school anyway.

I'll probably be getting a couple of baby teeth pulled soon. (yes, baby teeth LOL). the one on my right is finally loose enough that it's bothering me when I eat or it'll shift positions during sleep and will cause my teeth not to mesh right when I close my jaw. I guess I'll be getting an implant put in afterwards (there is no adult tooth under them) and it freaks me out!!! its the teeth right behind my bottom canines, so I have to have something put in. freaky stuff for someone who's only ever had to have a few cavities filled 

I was cleaning up the house today for FIL's arrival and got to inspecting in our bathroom. we've been having ant problems in there the last month and its driving me crazy!!! seems no matter what we've done they were still coming. well, today I got to noticing quite a few of them at the bottom of one of our sink counter doors (one that's close to the wall) so I open it up and look in. omgosh! they were all over the place!!!  they'd been setting up a little home RIGHT there!! even worse they were right on the inside DOOR with little eggs!!! now we are IN this cabinet like every few days!!! (its where the hair dryer is kept along with some other stuff) and they were NOT there before! of course I Raided them really good and had to pull everything out ( *sigh* why do I get stuck with all the 'fun' stuff?) and I think they'd originally had their nesting area farther back in the cabinet under some stuff and were moving it to the door area. I found a lot more back in there. needless to say almost a whole can of Raid later, its all cleaned up and this weekend, dh will be pulling it all up to check under it for holes and stuff. which we know there will be cause this cheap ol' house was made like that. but it'll get taken care of!! ugh, I HATE ants!!

the kids have been "eh" this week. Sarina is being sassified lately, so she's gotten in trouble a lot (for her) this week. Garrett progressively got worse at school and today came home with only one star. :P tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break. I really hope we have nice weather so they can play outside!

been suckish on my eating and exercise this week. bad me. gotta make up for it!

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